4x4 Transmissions

The term “4x4” means “four wheel drive.” This indicates that a vehicle has four wheels that can all provide power to drive the vehicle. But this is different than “all-wheel drive,” because 4x4 vehicles allow you to choose whether you want to operate the vehicle on four wheel drive or two wheel drive. Therefore, 4x4 transmissions operate in a unique way in order to allow this transition to happen.

Since 4x4 transmissions are different than your average transmission, it takes a special kind of mechanic to work on them. At Pensacola Bay Transmission Inc., we have been servicing 4x4 transmissions and vehicles for many years now. We have the experience and the know-how needed to repair anything that goes wrong with your 4x4 transmissions. To schedule a service, call us today! We offer outstanding customer service and reasonable rates!

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